Woodies Cafe

Start with a tropical blue Hawaiian theme. Plus fast, casual, super-friendly counter service, great quality and affordable prices for our Killer Burgers, Epic Entrees, Screamin’ Starters, the most delicious clam chowder you’ve ever tasted, and the creamiest, silkiest milk shakes on the planet. And if all of that isn’t enough, throw in a spectacular ocean view and a gift shop that has Santa Cruz written all over it, and one thing’s for sure, your first visit to Woodies will be your first of many.


Don’t know how much the great view and ocean air had to do with it, but I’m a burger lover and Woodies Killer Burger eclipsed every other one I’ve ever had. Good thing I have a wide mouth.

Mark Cote
Visitor from Montana



We like that it’s so casual. Wondering along the Wharf with the kids, we don’t always want the formality of table service. At Woodies, our whole crew can just step up to the counter and order what we want. And the special kid’s menu is perfect for our 6 year old. Plus the food’s really good.

P. Hamblin and family

Rain or shine, it doesn’t get any better than a burger, shake and fries at Woodies.

Dany Surfer Dude




My friends in other parts of the country like to get stuff from here from me at Christmas. T-shirts and sweats with Santa Cruz printed on them. Stuff like that. Trouble is, most of what you find is cheaply made. Woodies is the exception. Everything in their gift shop is really well made and at good prices, considering the quality.

Kelly, Santa Cruz

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